Power of Three

L-R: Chit Juan, Reena Francisco and Jeannie Javelosa


Welcome to our ECHO Universe.

We deeply appreciate your trust and support of the ECHOstore Brand. We are passionate about sharing with all of you the sustainable lifestyle. We  know we’ve always been a little out-of-the-ordinary and a lot more idealistic and passionate about our mission-led business. ECHOstore’s continuing success helps us bring about change and you are part of this change too. Welcome to the sustainable community!

We chose this spiral symbol to be part of ECHOstore’s logo. It represents the power of three in various levels. We are three women who believe in Three Principles on which all our values are linked to integrate the Three Sectors.

The Three Principles

We nurture and sustain

  • Self : through a wholistic, healthy and clean lifestyle that integrates Body-Mind-Spirit wellness

    Organic and/or Natural Food and Body Products

    We search for the highest quality, least processed and natural foods and body products because we believe that these must be in its purest state–unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives or toxic ingredients. We appreciate and celebrate the difference natural and organic products can make in the quality of one’s life.

    Positive Mind and Caring Spirit

    We actively present lectures and seminars on wellness to inform people about many ways of reaching wholeness and wellness.

  • Community : through conscious consumerism, promoting fair trade and poverty alleviation programs .

    Fair Trade

    All our products are made under fair trade conditions. We actively seek out partnerships with larger foundations and organizations focused on livelihood and community development to see how we can help bring their products to the market.

    Supports Filipino Design Excellence

    We look for quality design in all our products. We help mentor groups whose products need help in visual branding and design. We look to creative collaborators, designers and artists to use ECHOstore as their personal social responsibility when one of our community groups need help in developing better product designs.

    Supports livelihood and mentors small entrepreneurs

    We prioritize carrying products that come from very small communities or entrepreneurs and those that never had market access. We hold mentoring lectures and help small entrepreneurs in aspects of marketing, packaging, branding and product development.

    Integrity In All Business Dealings

    Our partners are our allies. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity at all times and expect the same in return.

    Satisfying and Informing our Customers

    We are passionate about helping develop the conscious consumer.

    Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We take time to explain, educate and inform them to help influence them towards a sustainable lifestyle. We want to meet or exceed their expectations on every shopping trip. We know that by doing so we turn customers into advocates for our business. Advocates do more than shop with us, they talk about ECHOstore to their friends and others. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with flair.

  • Planet : through eco-friendly purchases

    Sustainable Agriculture

    We support organic farmers, growers and the environment through our commitment to sustainable agriculture and by expanding the market for organic products.           

    Wise Environmental Practices

    We respect our environment and recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can. And we remind others to do so as well.

The Three Sectors

ECHOstore works as the integrator, connector, collaborator, and informer to bring together three main sectors, each with their own unique roles

• The Producer (or Suppliers) – busy growing, producing and creating their products
• Organizations and Partner Groups – busy at funding community development initiatives and livelihood programs
• Consumers (or Markets) – busy looking for the best deals in town

Product + Organization/Partners + ECHOstore = Conscious Consumer

ECHOstore bridges the gap and adds value to the whole chain.

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