What We Are

ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle is the first concept store of its kind in the Philippines.

ECHO is the acronym for Environment & Community Hope Organization STORE. In one place, you can get everything you need to start you on your way to living a sustainable lifestyle.


Living a sustainable lifestyle is living whole and connected. We thought we’s share with you our choice of a lifestyle. Its the ECHO we want all to Echo: Environment, Community, Hope, Organization.  Its about conscious and caring consumerism that chooses fair trade and green products to help drive livelihood to the marginalized while helping our planet (ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle), eating and drinking healthy (ECHOcafe: Culture, Coffee, Community) supporting locavorism or buying food grown locally (ECHOmarket Sustainable Farms). Then planting and tilling the earth (ECHOfarms) while we nurture wellness through our Body-Mind-Connection (ECHOyoga). And through our ECHOsi Foundation we reach out, volunteer, share our talents to help others.


We’ve embraced the Four “P”s: People, Planet, Profit and Pneuma (or spirit that gives us the passion to continue our mission-led business.  Yes we are a for-profit company, but with heart to see the social issues and the gaps that need to be filled. We give market access to small or marginalized groups, bridging the gap to bring products to the hands of people who need and can appreciate them.


We connect to you. We reach out to communities, and customers, and markets, integrating and bridging, connecting and linking. We carry our shared vision of many like-minded people who advocate and work for a better world: one which is more equitable, cleaner, and collaborative.


We are about products you need and buy. Our business is about gathering local Filipino products that represent our ideals of health, fair trade, and care for the environment. Each community product highlights and supports our local cultural traditions, the artisan skills of our craftsmen, the hard work of weaving by our women, the produce of farmers who till the land. ECHOstore is also about bringing back Filipino design, telling our story as our people and showing the Pinoy pride in all of us.