eView Issue 17: January to April 2012

Our expanded Serendra flagship store

What’s New

The full concept of ECHOstore, ECHOmarket, and ECHOcafe can now be experienced at the Serendra flagship store. Sharing the same concept of sustainability, ECHOstore stays true to selling fair-trade and green community products, while ECHOmarket supports local food producers and organic farmer groups all over the country.

Reena has been working on ECHOcafe’s enhanced menu offerings. The ingredients used come from products sold at the market and store.

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eView Issue 16: October-December 2011

Gearing up for 2012

Start the year right by going green, and renew your commitment to live sustainably. Small steps will matter if we do it all together.

ECHOstore’s last quarter closed with a hectic pace. We launched new ECHOstore-branded products, which made their way to all the Christmas baskets before they could get to the store shelves. We will have our newest products on the shelves in the first quarter for sure!

Everyone rushed to get their Christmas baskets packed and sent off! Thank you to everyone who supported ECHOstore during the Christmas season.

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eView Issue 15: July-September 2011

More ECHOvillage Stores!

ECHOvillage Store Bacolod

There are now five ECHOvillage Stores (EVSs) around the country. The EVSs are the retail stores of ECHOstore’s NGO partners from the Partner and Access Centers (PACCIs) of the Peace and Equity Foundation. The store was first set up in October 2009 at 69 Esteban Abada in Loyola Heights, Quezon City; then in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 2010; followed by Bacolod City, Negros Occidental early this year. In July, Chit flew to General Santos to attend the opening of EVS GenSan and, in August, Reena oversaw the setup of EVS Baguio.

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eView Issue 14: April-June 2011

L to R: Jeannie, CNN International Anchor Ralitsa Vassileva, and Chit

A Global Summit of Women

Chit and Jeannie attended the Global Summit of Women in Istanbul, Turkey last May 5 to 7. Close to a thousand women came together—women leaders, business shakers, NGO heads, and movers from all over the world came together to widen their networks and learn new things to further support the cause of women’s empowerment all over the world.

Chit represented the Women’s Business Council as its President, and Jeannie represented ECHOstore as a 100% women-led business with a supplier base of 75% women suppliers and a 85% base of women customers.

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eView Issue 13: January-March 2011

Friends harvesting at ECHOfarms in Amadeo, Cavite

ECHOfarms Sustainable Harvest

ECHOfarms Sustainable Harvest in Amadeo, Cavite is the source of the organic vegetables we use in ECHOcafe, in Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods (our restaurant), and in our own homes. We grow arugula, lollo rossa, cilantro, bokchoy, romaine lettuce, and a host of other vegetables and herbs. Even the mint in our mojitos is produced in our farm. Even with its modest size, the farm provides almost everything we need for our cafes and restaurants. We make our own compost and use natural insect repellents such as marigolds and other flowers, making ECHOfarms truly natural.

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eView Issue 12: October-December 2010

What’s New

The new year is! Happy 2011 to all! Starting this year, we will be sending you the eView on a quarterly basis as we streamline and control the news that gets to you. The Information Age exploding around us means we need to also keep our own minds sustainable!

We can start focusing our mind to declutter, just as we way to focus our lives to live more sustainably. Good news, positive ideas, and focused directions—all these will help create a more sustainable mindset for the coming year as the energies around us accelerate at an even faster speed!

The last part of 2010 was focused on bringing our presence to two other locations. These are:

ECHOstore at NAIA Terminal 3 
at Le Boutique, NAIA Terminal 3 Domestic Departure Area

ECHOstore Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
at the ADB Coop, G/F Asian Development Bank

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eView Issue 11: July-September 2010

What’s New

We’re constantly going around the country, sourcing the best local products from communities and small groups. Check out our shelves to see the latest products we have added:

  • Fresh Start Organics, Rice Spa, and Tinta leep and cheek tint to pamper yourself
  • B-Gone to fight those feisty mosquitoes
  • Washboi Waterless Carwash for your car
  • Theo and Filo milk and dark chocolate to die for
  • Taro and camote to snack on

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eView Issue 10: May-June 2010

Savor local flavors with ECHOdeli

Now everyone can get a taste of the best community foods and regional delicacies through a range of food products at the ECHOdeli at ECHOstore Serendra, The Podium, and Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods (at Fraser Place on Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City)

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eView Issue 9: February-April 2010

We’re Committed!

Keeping the spirit of ECHOstore alive and growing, rooted and flourishing is more than just selling natural or fair trade items in our stores. We walk the talk! We have committed ourselves “to going straight to the source”–another advocacy which we have added to our already long list of baby step advocacies towards helping people and the planet.

The ECHOtrio regularly go out of town and around the country to communities who grow coffee, rice, cashew nuts, and where these communities also process produce into jams, jellies and many other natural and fair trade food items.

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eView Issue 8: November 2009-January 2010


ECHO the acronym is now EmpoweringCommunities with Hope and Opportunities.

It’s never been done before! Another pioneering first is this partnership between a non-governmental organization (NGO) and the private sector through a retail store. ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle has partnered with The Village Store of the Partnership and Access Centers Consortium, Inc. (PACCI) to open a sustainable lifestyle store in a village setting. The venture—now aptly named ECHOVILLAGE Store Sustainable Communities (EVS)—opened its flagship store at the Peace and Equity Foundation’s (PEF’s) offices along 69 Esteban Abada Street in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. It is a special and pioneering partnership where an NGO and the private sector come together to highlight fair trade products and to address the sustainability issues of communities across the country.

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