ECHOstore Continues Sustainability Initiatives

ECHOstore, the country’s pioneer green retailer, is also the country’s primary advocate for Slow Food movement and sustainable seafood. These two movements complete ECHOstore’s thrust in responsible production and consumption of food. The United Nation’s sustainable goals are concerned with responsible food production and consumption given the rise of climate change issues affecting food supply.… Read More

Green Mind #20: Road to Rio+20

By Jeannie Javelosa (reprinted from The Philippine Star) Second in a series of article on The Road to Rio+20 Moving up closer to the coming UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, policy makers and multilateral stakeholders involved in threshing out steps towards a green economy are getting more intensely wrapped up in the many issues… Read More

Green Mind #18: Green Growth: The Hague in Spring

By Jeannie Javelosa (reprinted from The Philippine Star) First in a series of article on The Road to Rio+20 Travel makes us only realize how similar we all are as human beings, playing under the trappings of cultures so diverse as our personalities. Yet, underneath our diversity, one humanity’s heart carries issues that our Planet… Read More

Green Mind #17: Be More Zen

By Chit Juan (reprinted from The Manila Times) One way to think of zen is this: a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. – Urban Dictionary “Complete and absolute peace” is another way to define Zen. Life… Read More

Green Mind #16: From Seed to Stove, from Farm to Cup

By Chit Juan (reprinted from The Manila Times) There is a growing trend for restaurants that serve from “farm to fork” or from “farm to plate,” which means the establishment can trace the source of its ingredients, which most practically should come from local or nearby sources. Consumers now want to know what is in… Read More

Green Mind #15: We Are What We Eat

By Jeannie Javelosa  (reprinted from The Philippnie Star) Everything in our world today is so interconnected. Not only do we see this in how television and the Internet that connects our minds and consciousness, but also in the way we live our lives, the food we eat, the choice of consumer products we purchase. We… Read More

Green Mind #14: Grow Your Own Veggies

By Chit Juan (reprinted from The Manila Times) Yes, you can grow your own vegetables and herbs right in your patio or city garden! A friend now grows patola, upo, and ampalaya (bitter gourd) on his trellis right in his terrace. Another friend is growing her own herbs like mint, tarragon, and basil for pesto right in her condominium… Read More

Green Mind #13: Want to Know Your Past Life?

By: Jeannie Javelosa  (reprinted from The Philippine Star) When past lives are mentioned, people either look up in interest or send a gaze of disbelief and skepticism. Such mixed reactions are valid in that schools of thought run in direct oppositions or even counter to each other. The Church clearly states “no way,” as Church… Read More

Green Mind #12: Sustainable Coffees

By: Chit Juan (reprinted from The Manila Times) With the popularity of coffee shops over the last decade, it has been a challenge looking for shops who sincerely want to help save the Philippine coffee industry. As a business set up for instant profit just like instant coffee, coffee shops find it difficult to look… Read More