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ECHOstore’s Campaign entitled RECYCLE FOR A CAUSE is a sustainable green recycling campaign specifically designed for companies. This allows companies to engage their employees towards recycling efforts of waste materials from their offices or homes to benefit community livelihood programs to help poverty alleviation through support of fair trade livelihood programs. This campaign is a tri-partite partnership composed of a company or building/community/ECHOstore

Example: RCBC Plaza / Philippine Christian Foundation or PCF / ECHOstore, Shangri-La Mactan / Barangay Luz Cebu Holdings / ECHOstore.


The Recycle for a Cause Campaign corporate partners now include Accenture and Punongbayan and Araullo.

Management Association of the Philippines (MAP)

L-R Seated:
Gerry de Asis of Philippine Christian Foundation,
Joey Bermejo MAP President,
Jeannie E. Javelosa of ECHOstore.

Accenture MOA Signing

Seated L-R:
Marcel Clado of the Philippine Christian Foundation, Accenture CEO Beth Lui, ECHOstore’s Jeannie Javelosa.
Standing, L-R:
ECHOstore Coordinator for Products and Suppliers, Kate Carlos, Marilyn Siy and Andrew Abrenica.

Recycle for a Cause MOA Signing with Punongbayan and Araullo

Front L-R:
Marcel Clado of the PCF, Jeannie Javelosa of ECHOstore, and Teresa Cuico of Punongbayan and Araullo.
Standing L-R:
ECHOstore’s Chit Juan and Reena Francisco.

Punongbayan & Araullo (P&A) is a leading professional services firm that provides value-added services of outstanding audit, tax and business professionals who utilize leading-edge systems and technology. P&A is a member firm within Grant Thornton International Ltd

Responding to Climate Change: Reduce-Re-use and Recycle!

Overall Policies & Strategies on Climate Change

We adhere to the three principles of Self: through a holistic, healthy and clean lifestyle that integrates Body-Mind-Spirit wellness, Community: through conscious consumerism, promoting fair trade and poverty alleviation programs and the Planet: through eco-friendly purchases.

Climate Change Subjects or Issues Targeted

Issues Targeted: Small-scale upland agriculture with integrated indigenous crops, Food Security and Nutrition, Environmental service, Climate-smart enterprise, Knowledge and capacity development.

Best Practices
  1. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Energy-Efficiency Program
  2. Climate-smart agriculture and soil-nutrient enhancement
  3. Sustainability Education and Talk on Stewardship
  4. Partnership for Sustainable Communities

Best Practice 1. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Energy Efficiency

ECHOstore does not have its own printed shopping bags to give to customers. Instead, we use old magazines and recycle them into paper bags.  We also have designated drop-off points for used magazines and newspapers to be given away to our community partners to be reused and recycled for new products.  The store also has a brand called Second Life, where materials are reused and turned into new products such as accessory and other ornaments.  For store promotional items, we offer reusable bags and the use of cream and sugar bowls in our restaurants and café eliminates wasteful paper sachet packets.  We also use LED or CFL lights for energy-efficiency by retrofitting our stores to use only energy-saving lights including the use of ceiling fans to reduce the work of our airconditioners.  In our ECHOmarket, we use air coolers to help our air-conditioning while preserving the freshness of our produce.  This program limits the operational carbon footprint of ECHOstore to the minimum.

This is is integrated within the operation and policies of Earth Life Store Supply Inc. which institutionalizes the practice of recycling, conscientious consumption and conservation. Drop-off points for old newspapers and magazines were established in ECHOstore’s branches to encourage consumer participation.

This operation-based program has saved ECHOstore an average economic value amounting to P50,000.00 per annum. This policy has provided product development via Second Life that generates annual sales amounting to P100,000.00

ECHOstore intends to further develop this program to reach more participation from the private sector to adhere to within their organizational operation processes. 

ECHOstore is seeking more communities to take-up excess tarpaulin and other waste materials to turn them into products.

Best Practice 2. Climate-Smart Agriculture and Soil-Nutrient Enhancement

To prevent the depletion of minerals and microbes from the soil through years of farming, we use Vermicomposting in our ECHOfarms.  All vegetables that are not sold in our ECHOmarket are returned to the farm to be used in Vermicomposting. This integrated soil-nutrient enhancement method maintains a healthy soil with 15-20% organic matter.  It provides gradual release of oxygen, nitrogen and other nutrients and enriches the topsoil. This process provides an environmental service by maintaining biomass that results to better crop yield.  More importantly, this service produces oxygen which helps to combat Greenhouse gas or (GHG). Due to the upland location of the farm located in Amadeo, Cavite, the crops thrive in the cool-weather and lightning naturally contributes up to 50% of nitrogen fertilization in the soil.

ECHOfarm in Amadeo, Cavite

Soil enhancement through Vermicomposting

Vegetables that are not sold in ECHOmarket are returned to the farm and turned into compost and organic fertilizer.

Biomass of ECHOfarm is enhanced which produces high-nutrient organic produce. The biodiversity likewise makes insects thrive in the area, particularly insects that contribute to better yield.

ECHOfarm intends to further develop and integrate other innovative methods of soil-enhancement though the integration of indigenous practices and scientific research collaboration with experts from Cavite State University, UP Los Banos and sharing of learning and knowledge with farmers’ cooperatives in Cavite.

Best Practice 3. Sustainable Education and Talk on Stewardship (Climate-smart Lifestyle)

Since 2008, ECHOstore through the ECHOtrio namely Pacita Juan, Regina Francisco and Jeannie Javelosa have been actively speaking about the green lifestyle in such diverse topics as organic coffee farming, social entrepreneurship, wellness, healthy living, planet stewardship, and branding.

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao including TV, Radio and print media. International: Hague, Netherlands, North America, France

To promote sustainable living and share knowledge on planet stewardship and wellness.

Conducted talks and capacity development initiatives in corporations, government agencies, universities and NGOs.

The ECHOtrio have conducted talks and lectures in more than 100 corporations, universities and NGOs and attended by more than a total of hundreds of participants nationwide. (updated metrics available upon request)

The ECHOstore through the ECHOtrio continues to be advocates of Sustainable Lifestyle and has since then institutionalized undee the ECHOsi Foundation and is part of its capacity development initiatives.

Best Practice 4. Partnership for Sustainable Communities

ECHOstore has established partnership with 82 sector-based organizations, 131 micro-entrepreneurs comprising 80% women carrying 3,400 products, 8,000 household, over 34,000 beneficiaries and 16 distribution points.

Nationwide including cultural communities of the Cordilleras and Mindanao

Inter Church Organization for Development Cooperation(ICCO-Netherlands), Peace & Equity Foundation(www.pef.ph) and Partnership and Access Centres Consortium Inc. (PACCI)

To build a network of communities for mentorship-based learning through environmental friendly product development and open market links.

Through its development directives under the ECHOsi Foundation: on Social and Cultural Enterprise Development, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Culture, Design and Aesthetics for Development aims at revitalizing traditions, the use and development of natural materials endemic to the areas, and innate livelihood skills while respecting indigenous and traditional knowledge, motifs and designs.

Between 2009-20122, seven ECHOvillage Stores were put up in Baguio, Sorsogon, Bacolod, Puerto Princesa, General Santos, Legaspi and Esteban Abada St (PEF office area) in Quezon City. These were put up with P200,000.00 per store or a total of P1.4 Million form ICCO.

ECHOstore is studying the ability of NGOs to run retail stores. Tighter branding guidelines will be given to other NGOs and organizations who would like to open EVS in other provinces.