Great Women Brand

That supports women enterprises

That drives an advocacy

Of style and responsible luxury

The GREAT WOMEN Platform is an innovative public-private partnership that started in the Philippines under the ECHOsi Foundation’s public-private partnership with the governments of Philippines and Canada. It supports DEVELOPMENT programs and is linked by the GREAT WOMEN BRAND for COMMERCIAL MARKET ACCESS. It gives micro and small women entrepreneurs a chance at the niche, specialty global market through an integrated platform that addresses gaps and gender issues through inclusive business. The goal is to help strengthen women impact enterprises into the supply and value chain towards sustainable markets.

The GREAT WOMEN Brand identifies textile and non-food products of responsible luxury, created by a women supply chain. Products come from small producers and artisans who are supported by women entrepreneurs, designers and lifestyle experts who link them to global markets. The brand is the story of women committed to helping women and artisans to reach wider markets to better support their families and communities. The brand embraces women producers in the ASEAN region.

The GREAT WOMEN Collective supports an inclusive supply-value chain the GREAT Women Brand. The GWB Collective is composed of ASEAN women entrepreneurs, designers and artists who each have a community or group of women in their own value chain. They create exclusive collections specific for the brand’s advocacy while their communities are supported under the development program called GREAT WOMEN. All members of the GWB Collective–be they designers, women enterprises and communities–are vetted under a criteria for inclusion to support both the development programs and the commercialization of the products.

Great Women Brand Inquirer supplement

A brand dedicated to women? Well, why not?!

Inspired by the need to elevate the quality of goods produced by women micro-entrepreneurs from different regions of the country, the ECHOsi Foundation has come up with The Great Women Brand.

The idea sprung from the collaboration between foundation and the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)’s project, Value Adding Selected Products of Women Micro Enterprises in Selected GREAT Women Projects Sites and Development of Women’s Product Brand to Markets.

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