ECHOcafe Menu


ECHOcafe is ECHOstore’s contribution to promote healthy eating, support to local farmers and an inspiration to our customers.
Every dish you are served comes from passionate foodies who wish to share the bounty of local produce, local ingredients
and naturally-grown products. It is our wish for every ECHOstore community member to eat healthy while we help many others.


Available until 3pm only. All breakfasts come with brewed coffee or hot tea.

Pinoy Breakfast Chicken Tocino Sliced chicken breast marinated in our in-house tocino mix.

Pinoy Breakfast Chicken & Pork Adobong Puti
Our version of adobo and then made into flakes.

Pinoy Breakfast Chicken Longganisa
Same longganisang hamonado flavor but using ground chicken

Pinoy Breakfast Homemade Tapa
Served with garlic rice, egg and seasonal sidings

Pinoy Breakfast Homemade Chorizong Hubad
Lean ground beef and lean ground pork marinated in loads of garlic and vinegar

Poached Organic Egg with Wilted Spinach
• Sautéed Mushrooms
• Bacon

French Omelet
2 eggs omelet filled with 3 kinds of mushroom

Fritata Spanish Style
2 organic eggs mixed with olives, capers, bell peppers and chopped chicken longganisa


with garlic butter toast

Warm Mushroom Arugula
with Parmesan Crisp

Fresh Greens
with Cashew and Dried Fruits

with Feta Cheese

Fresh Spring Rolls
with Shrimp

with Bagnet

Sayote Tops
with Tuna and Vinaigrette


Hot Sandwiches Malunggay pan de sal sandwiches, served with side salad and camote chips.
Chicken Longganisa with Scrambled Egg

Chicken and Pork Adobo with Kesong Puti

Tofu Burger

Mushroom Burger

Banana Heart Burger

Salted Egg with Kesong Puti

Bistek Sanchwich

Porchetta Sandwich


Grilled Sandwiches

Malunggay whole wheat sliced bread, served with side salad and terra chips.

Tuna and Egg Melt

Chicken Caesar

Open Faced Toast

3 pieces of bread slices with flavorful toppings.

Tomato, Capers & Olives

Garlic – 4 Cheese


Chicken Tocino Torta

Tapa Steak


Salted and Chicken Longganisa

Creamy Mushroom

A la Trio

Al Tonno


Chicken Citrus Pesto

Vigan Longganisa

Penne Pasta
in creamy tomato with organic ground beef and grassfed sirloin